Our Collaborative Role: is to serve both groups and individuals in the global reform community. We see ourselves rooted in the principles supported and recommended by them, and operating as a catalyst for renewal within the Church in a highly dynamic mode. We are striving to recognize the “integrity of the journey” as a primary principal, supported by the primacy of conscience which is actualized in both love and unity.  We are seeking to create a new model of leadership, becoming among ourselves the Church we want the Universal Church to be.


By offering these services below, we hope that we can enable all our supporters to speak to our pastors with one united voice.


Specifically, we see our role as facilitating participants being able to speak with one voice:


A communication resource:

  • provide a website and platform for all reform-minded people to be able to speak with a cohesive, international voice in addressing critical issues.
  • communicate through newsletter updates with the global reform commuity.
  • engage the media community with our achievements and objectives.
  • organize worldwide press conferences.
  • post a consolidated calendar of events for all reform groups.

Administrative/Secretarial services:

  • ensure delivery of correspondence to the hierarchy.
  • distribute media material drafted by the committee for the use of supporters,
  • arrange small group teleconference calls on specific issues when needed.
  • post letters to the pope and bishops on our website.
  • post articles and resource materials.


Action and Events:

  • promote the events, activities, and petitions of reform organizations by listing them on our site, thereby providing a possible new base of support to each individual reform effort.
  • take pro-active positions based on the recommendations of the reform community (our true board of directors).


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