Pope Francis acknowledged and affirmed the position of all the baptized in our Church when he raised this question to the bishops in South America: "As pastors, bishops, and priests, are we conscious and convinced of the mission of the lay faithful and do we give them the freedom to continue discerning, in a way befitting their growth as disciples, the mission which the Lord has entrusted to them?"  The time has come for all Catholics to assume their co-responsible role by taking tangible steps "to manifest their views on matters which concern the good of the Church” (Canon 212 #3).  We, the People of God, need not wait for some other well organized group or some appointed leader to take action steps toward reform of our beloved Church. When we see wrong, it is our right and indeed our duty as baptized Catholics to speak up.

First Action Step:

Become more involved in CCRI

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Second Action Step:

Join with us by signing up for a regional gathering (listening session) either online or locally in your part of the world. To be included in the Catholic Church Reform International worldwide gatherings to be held March through August of 2015, please complete this form.


Most find the Vatican questionnaire overly complex and unworlable. We at CCR Int'l believe more direct  involvement of the faithful is needed. In order to prepare more fully for the Ordinary Synod of 2015 called by Pope Francis, two action steps are now being organized: (1) calling for holding diocesan synods throughout the world ideally working with the local bishop but, if that option is declined, to go forward with lay-initiated regional gatherings to discuss where our life experiences differ from the current institutional church teaching on living as Christian families; (2) tallying the results of these regional and local gatherings in order to present them, as our gift, to the Synod of Bishops to place on their agenda. The reasoning behind this is that an all male clerical and presumably celibate group of bishops has no personal experience of family life.


Follow up Action Step: 

Please join with us in sending a letter to the Apostolic Nuncio in your country and to your local diocesan bishop letting them know that we seek transparency. You may also want to send this letter to the president of your regional Conference of Bishops. Here is the list of Conferences of Bishops around the world. Simply click it on, click on the flag of your country, and you will find the address. We need your help. This is a huge undertaking and we can only succeed if we all take part. This is truly an opportunity for us to speak with one voice from all over the world.

Action Step:

Our initial movement was concerned with sending letters to Pope Francis. Join with us in sending a letter to bishops throughout the world. This letter asks for an opportunity to enter into dialogue with our bishop. To download a model letter, click here. As Catholics, we need not wait for permission or for some larger group to communicate with our bishops. It is our right and responsibility, by virtue of our baptism, to share the "wisdom of our disernment" regarding matters that pertain to the good of our Church. Let us all make our concerns known to our bishops and ask them to discuss these important issues with us. If given this opportunity, let us ask the bishops to work with us by calling diocesan gatherings throughout 2014 to discuss in full our experiences and challenges in living as Christian families in today's world.

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