Email from Bishop Etienne of Wyoming, U.S.A. reassuring us that our CCRI concerns are being addressed in the Synod (10-15-14)


Letter from Cardinal Ravasi, head of the office for Cultural Affairs


Letter from Cardinal Parolin, Secretary of State for the Vatican,


Email from Archbishop John Dew of Wellington, New Zealand thanking us for the invitation to our Forum but unable to attend due to prior commitments.


Letter from Cardinal Gracis, Bombay, India thanking us for sending our recommendations and indicating that they will help him with his own reflections as he prepares to attend the Synod.


Email  from the Bishop of Perth, Australia acknowledging receipt of our recommendaitons and promised to study and consider them. (July 2, 2014)


Email from the Bishop of Nashville, Tennessee acknowledging that our material (our recommendations to the Synod) will be helpful to orient him.  ( 6-25-2014)


Email from the Bishop of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania acknowledging appreciation for our position paper recommendations to the Synod.( 6-23-2014)


Email from the Bishop of Rockville Centre, New York who promises to get to our attached paper (our recommendations to the Synod) after June 30. (6-17-2014)


Letter from Sean Patrick Cardinal O'Malley's Office acknowledging appreciation for the time and effort we've given to preparing the documents for the February meeting of Pope Francis with his Council. ( 2-27-2014)


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