These people believe in the profound importance of the reform of our Church and have given their support and lent their name and credibility to our movement.


Christine Anderson:
Director Faith and Praxis FCJ, Organizational Analyst.

Bob Betterton:
Founder of Accelerating Catholic Church Reform

Eugene Bianchi:
Professor emeritus of theology, Emory University.

Tony Biviano:
Media producer for the For Christ's Sake petition, Australia.

Roy Bourgeois:
Founder of School of Americas Watch and advocate for the Ordination of Women.

Bill Burrows:

Brendan Butler:
Spokesperson, We are Church Ireland, and Coordinator NGO peace Alliance.

James Coriden:
Former president Canon Law Society of America

Brian Coyne:

Donald Cozzens:
Writer-in-residence, John Carroll University

William V. D'Antonio:
Professor of sociology, Catholic Univ of America

Mark Day:
Former Franciscan, news producer, San Diego, California

John A. Dick:
Historical theologian, Louvain Univ; VP Assoc. for the Rights of Catholics in the Church

Bill Ditewig:
Theologian and deacon

Terry Dosh:
Retired Benedictine, founding member of CORPUS

Patrick B. Edgar
President, Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church

Ivan Fernandes                                                                                                                                                Catholic journalist, former managing editor in Bangkok-Thailand, Former member of the Society of Jesus, Calcutta Jesuit Province

Paul Gray:
Retired parish administrator, Memphis Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Paul Hansen:
Redemptorist priest and advocate for Biblical justice living.

Janet Hauter:
Chair, American Catholic Council

Rea Howarth:
Freelance writer and consultant; former director of Catholics Speak Out

William Coughlin Hunt:
Peritus (expert) of Vatican II, former professor of theology

Robert Kaggwa:
Cooordinator, We Are Church, UK

Eugene Kennedy:
Psychologist, author

James Kottoor:
Author, former priest, and journalist with Catholic reformation Society of Kerala, Palai in India

Hans Kung:
Priest, theologian, and author; president of the Foundation for a Global Ethic

Raquel Mallavibarrena:
Member of the Spanish Movements: Corriente Somos Iglesia and Redes Cristianas.

Mary John Mananzan:
Executive Director of the Institute of Women's Studies; member of the Admin. Council of Generals and Prioresses of the Benedictine Order

Charles McMahon:
Emeritus professor earth sciences, Univ. of Pennsylvania

David O'Brien:
Professor of theology emeritus at College of the Holy Cross and Univ. of Dayton

Joseph O'Callaghan:
Author of Elect our Bishops; emeritus professor theology, Fordham Univ

Anthony Padovano:
Married priest, college professor and author

Therese Padovano:
Nun, co-founded the northern New Jersey chapter of Voice of the Faithful

Joanne Parrilli:
Retired judge, First Appellate District in San Francisco; an early member Voice of the Faithful

Frank Purcell:
Doctor in theology, member of the Living Faiths Commission of the Victorian Council of Churches, President of the Goulburn Valley Regional Council of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, co-founder of Catholics for Ministry, Australia.

Sonya Quitslund:
Professor emerita of Bible and Religious Thought; Commander, US Coast Guard

Gaston Roberge, S.J.:
Theologian, film scholar, and author, founder of Chitrabani, the only independent film library in Kolkata, India.

Dr. Karl Rodig:
Bishop, the International Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ.

Michael Saso:
Priest, educator in China

Ted Schmidt:
Canadian educator and writer; author of Journeys to the Heart of Catholicism

Ingrid H. Shafer:
Professor emerita of philosophy and religion, Univ. of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Richard Sipe:
Former Benedictine monk-priest; author of Celibacy, Sex, & Catholic Church

William Slavick:
Coordinator, Pax Christi in Maine

Leonard Swidler:
Professor of theology, Temple Univ; founder Assoc. for the Rights of Catholics in the Church

José María Vigil:
CMF, a Spanish liberation theologian from Panama, member of the Association of Third World Theologians, member of the Congregation of Claretian Missionaries.

Special Advisor

Joan Chittister:
Benedictine Sister, author and lecturer; co-chair Global Peace Initiative of Women


Robert Blair Kaiser:
Lecturer & author of 6 books on Church of Vatican II and beyond

Filo Hirota:
Council for Justice and Peace, rep for Japan

Rene Reid:
Author & lecturer; former nun and Religious Ed Director; M.A. in theology; talk show host



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