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January 31, 2016


Our first step in 2016 to address Church Reform


As part of our strategy for this year, it is our intent to do all in our power to bring about changes in Church teachings and practices - changes that will ensure that the dignity of all persons prevail and that the People of God are given their rightful place to have a deliberative voice in the governance of our Church.


Preparing for Pope Francis's meeting with his Council

On February 8 and 9, Pope Francis is calling his council together to discuss the decentralization of the Church. We have long awaited this topic to be addressed. Join with us in making our voices heard at this gathering by signing the letter to the pope and his eight Council members. You may sign either as an individual or on behalf of an organization or both.


Join with other Reformers in a Pilgrimage Walking the Camino de Santiago

The American Catholic Council is organizing a pilgrimage and welcomes all to join with them October 4 - 14, 2016. Click here for more information.


On Behalf of all of us at Catholic Church Reform International, we thank you for your donations and are always appreciative for any donation you may be able to offer.



Rene Reid, Director

Catholic Church Reform Int'l                                        

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Newsletter sent January 31, 2016 inviting all to sign letter re decentralization of our Church

Newsletter sent November 13, 2015 inviting all to sign letter to Pope Francis re Synod

Newsletter sent October 19, 2015 predicting the beginnings of decentralization in the Church

Newsletter sent October 17, 2015 announcing chaos and confusion in the Synod

Newsletter sent October 12, 2015 noting conservative biships seem to be panicking

Newsletter sent October  10, 2015 asking Where are the Families

Newsletter sent Oct. 7, 2015 inviting supporters to sign petition for bishops to support reform at the Synod

Newsleter sent Sept. 18, 2015 inviting supporters to participate in our blog and to send out the Jubilee Paper

Newsletter sent August 16, 2015 asking other reform organizations to help us get personal stories to the Synod

Newsletter sent July 28, 2915 inviting all to join in as The People Speak Out

Newsletter sent February 23, 2015 inviting all to take the CCRI survey and make their views known to the Synod

Newsletter sent January 23, 2015 announcing our creating an alternative questionnaire to the unworkable questionnaire realeased by the Vatican

Newsletter sent October 11, 2014 indicating a shift in the tone of of the Synod moving toward some reforms

Newsletter sent October 6, 2014 announcing the success of our Forum in Rome

Newsletter sent August 1, 2014 inviting all reform groups to Rome for Oct. 2 - 5

Newsletter promoting the public broadcasting of the Synod July 9, 2014
Newsletter anouncing Recommendations to the Synod and Bishops Conferences have been sent May 30, 2014

Newsletter inviting supporters to help organize a Regional Gathering April 09, 2014

Newsletter inviting supporters to sign up for Regional Gatherings and book room in Rome March 31, 2014

Newsletter Confirming Meeting in Rome and establishing Regional Gatherings February 28, 2014

Newsletter Holding Synod of the Faithful in Rome January 31, 2014

Newsletter 3rd letter to Pope Francis ready for signing sent December 20, 2013

Newsletter sent December 13, 2013 editing 3rd letter to Pope Francis bay all supporters

Newsletter sent December 9, 2013, editing 3rd letter to Pope Francis by reform organizations

Newsletter sent November 4, 2013 2 signing 2nd letter to Pope Francis

Newssletter sent Ocotober 31 One Final Look at draft letter to Pope Francis

Newsletter sent October 30 Letter to pope sent to all reform supporters

Newsletter sent October 28 Letter to pope sent to organizations for editorial suggestions

Newsletter sent October 23 Letter to Bishops and Press Release now available

Newsletter sent October 18 seeking approval of press release, process, and strategy
Newsletter sent out October 14 regarding process, strategy, and press release

Newsletter sent out October 1 to all who have been involved in our joint initiative
 Newsletter sent out September 24 announcing press release and press conferences

Newsletter sent out September 17 with finalized letter to pope

Newsletter sent out September 14 announcing we have 4 million supporters

Newsletter sent out September 11 evening with further instruction for signing letter

Newsletter sent out September 11 morning introducing letter to the Pope

Minutes of Worldwide Teleconference Call held Sept. 4, 2013

Pre and Post email communications re Teleconference Call

To listen to the teleconference call: Dial 1-712-432-1590, enter access code when prompted:  1031413#, then when asked forreference enter 1#.




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